Publishing with The Book Patch (A Review)

There isn’t much said about The Book, so I thought I’d be one of the first few to write a review about this company. I have been working with TBP for about a month. I published my first children’s story “A Baby in the House” through them, and I am extremely satisfied with their service and quality. For an example of TBP’s printing quality, check out my last post “My Self-published Book in Print”. I hope this is helpful!

What is TBP:

TBP is a small, print-on-demand publishing company. They have been acknowledged by the Better Business Bureau.


Pros and What TBP Offers:

Free to sign up

Free set up

Free option to publish on TBP’s online book store

Optional Paid Services (i.e. book layout templates etc…)

Upload your own PDF for free or use their free writing editor to compose your novel and let them turn it into a PDF.

A Simple and Liberating Policy (you retain all rights)

TBP does not take royalties.

Great printing quality

Great wholesale prices for the author (order 1 or one hundred + copies and then distribute yourself.)

Very friendly customer service

TBP offers “Buy it Now” Buttons for your blog when using their online bookstore.

You can buy and upload an ISBN number through TBP which will appear on the back cover of your book.


Cons and What TBP does not offer:

A few minor glitches concerning the writing editor (slow loading, slow saving, doesn’t upload pictures very well)

When selling through TBP’s online bookstore there is a $40.00 royalty threshold which must be met before your check is sent.

TBP does not distribute your book to bookstores and they do not make your book available to retailers like or B&N.





52 thoughts on “Publishing with The Book Patch (A Review)

    • You’re very welcome! I continue to be very satisfied with the book patch’s service. I just recieved a shipment of my latest story, and the quality is just as good as the first two. I’m very impressed!

  1. Thank you so much for posting this! I am in the process of helping my young daughter self-publish and thebookpatch just came across my radar. Glad to have found your review/testimonial.

  2. I have self-published one book with TheBookPatch and had been very pleased. However, the last two book shipments (ordered Feb & March 2015) I was extremely dissatisfied because my black and white photos throughout the book were washed out and very light. I called, spoke to owner Victor Ostrofsky several times, and he passed my message to the production room. After some time passed, I finally got an answer from the production room and was told TBP has a new printing system. They should have left well enough alone because the photos had been reproducing well before the new printing system. I am now looking for another POD or publisher that will do justice to the photos in my book. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Ellen,

      I’m sorry to hear about your unpleasant experience. The only other printer I’ve considered is I found their website before I discovered TBP. The only reason I didn’t use their services was because they require that you order at least 250 copies of your printed book. I wasn’t prepared to make that investement at the time, so I chose The Book Patch instead. Since I haven’t experienced Print Ninja’s quality or policy, I can’t vouch for them, but it might be a website worth checking out. I hope this helps!

    • I’ve been very happy with LuLucom. You don’t have the option to have multiple url’s for multiple customer sales tracking, but i trust them and they do a good job. They seem to be the cheapest around. Fairly easy to navigate and phone or email support if you need it. They will make your book available to many re-sellers if you authorize it. It may take a month to figure out unless you have a lot of time (5-7 hours) to work on it over a few days; but the learning curve gets easier as you go. I’m still considering book patch because of the multiple url’s issue but frankly they dropped the ball bad with me in the start and I just don’t trust them. I’m giving them a second look only because of the multiple URL issue for multiple customers. I guess my problem is if you can’t trust your printer how do you know if they are keeping track of your print count accurately? How do you know your books aren’t ending up being printed and you aren’t informed or payed???? Trust is a big issue. I trust Lulu. They’ve never let me down. Oh, I don’t work for them or give paid endorsements without disclosing that.

  3. Thank you very much for this post. I think that the trade-off of not dealing with glutton Amazon is a double plus. 😀 A bit concerned about Ellen’s experience but “no risk no gain” right?

  4. Hello Theresa,
    I’ve written two books and both have been translated to Spanish. I haven’t sold any on TBP other than one from a FB friend and a few family members. I decided last December to go with a publishing company. I signed an agreement and when the book was almost ready to go to print I found out that they wanted me to do the marketing. I had, had the conversation with them prior to signing and was told that it was included. I also found out during this time that they were involved with Authors Solution and a class action lawsuit. I decided to cancel my agreement and am now looking into going with a printing company that does help out with marketing and getting books to the bookstores. There is a fee involved but much better than dealing with most bigger book publishers. Does anyone have experience getting your books marketed?
    BTW, thanks for posting this blog Theresa

    • Hello Peter,

      I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been having a rough journey trying to find a way to market your books! Self publishing is definitely a challenge. Personally, I haven’t found a company that offers the perfect combo of marketing and affordability. When I studied methods of self-publication, it seemed like I was either going to take marketing into my own hands or pay a hefty price to have a company get my book into bookstores. So far, I have been distributing my books to local shops and taking them to art shows to display my illustrations and make a few book sales at the same time. Although I love the option of self-publishing, I am in the process of trying to get one of my novels traditionally published by finding an agent. Traditional publishing would give me more assurance that my book will make it into the hands of some readers. It also doesn’t cost a dime, so it’s a win win if I can get published. Have you looked into Create Space? Create Space will make your book available on B&N also allows you to make e-books and sell them online. But even then, getting the book seen is difficult. If you find a great company out there, I would really appreciate hearing back from you! Thanks for your comment and I wish you the best!


    • Thank you! It takes several weeks for me to receive a shipment of books through the book patch. At first, the length of time it took made me worried that my order had not gone through, but that definitely was not the case. It does take time, but for me it was well worth the wait.

  5. I found your blog looking for reviews on tbp.. I have called these people no less than 5 times and they refuse to call back. I would just like more information on what they can do before I place an order. I am very hesitant because if they dont call back for simple information what will they do when I actually place an order…

    • Hello!

      That’s odd that they haven’t returned your calls. I would suggest emailing them. Personally I experienced very good customer service from TBP. I have e-mailed the company several times with questions and they always got back with me promptly and courteously. I’m sorry you’re having troubling getting in contact with them! The last time I made an order from TBP was in the spring time, so I’m not sure if things have changed since then. All I can say is that I’ve ordered from them three times now and for me, it always went without a hitch. I hope you can reach them soon and get your questions answered. I wish you the best!

    • Hello Danielle,

      The cost of shipping seems to vary depending on the size of the book you have made and how many books you are wanting shipped. It also depends on how fast you want to receive the books. If I was to order 50 copies of my book “Yours and Mine”, the shipping would cost $10.42 and would ship within 4-14 days. If you want faster shipping, the prices start going up.

  6. I’ve have a business that publishes books for other people. I’ve been working with TBP for over three years and have racked up 120 titles with them. I love their company. I’ve had two important questions in the last 6 months and I needed to talk to someone over there. The first problem sorted itself out, although they never returned my calls or emails… and I forgot about it. This past week I had a major problem. I emailed them twice and called 3 times during the past 4 days. I also experienced a full voice mail box once. But I’m so upset with them I think I need to find another company. I have printed thousands of books with them and they can’t even return a call. It was never like this before. So disappointed in them at the moment.

    • I’m sorry about that. Recently I have been hearing other people complain about the Book Patch’s customer service. It’s really too bad, because in past years, they were very prompt about returning e-mails and answering questions. I can only assume that they’ve become too busy with completing orders to find time to answer the phone. Out of curiosity, have you made any recent orders and is their printing quality still good? I’m working on a new children’s book and I’m still considering using their printing services. I wish you the best, and if you find another printing company which is equal to or better than TBP I would really appreciate a follow-up message! Have a wonderful day!

    • Thank you for your comment John,

      Yes, I’ve been hearing bad reports about their customer service lately. It’s really too bad! I’m curios to know if their printing quality is still good or not. It’s been months, maybe a year since I’ve had anything printed.

  7. I currently published two books with the Book Patch-Tangled Muscadine and Rainbow Butterfly. I have been pleased with the outcome of both books. As a teacher, trying to publish at a cost of $2,000-$4,000 is incomprehensible. This company allowed me to accomplish a lifetime goal.
    Boxer Moon

  8. TBP is suspect as they have not responded to my inquiries, not did they answer my telephone calls. Personally, I think one would have better success going with a company outside the US.

    • For a book with full color images, the paper is glossy and, in my opinion, very quality. I haven’t discovered what their paper for black and white novels is like yet, but I did just order a novel from them, so I’m hoping to do another review once that arrives.

  9. just published my first novella with– Oglethorpe Estates– I had so much fun with this book. I was glad to see my illustrations and story bound together.
    Boxer Moon

    • Congratulations! Isn’t it so exciting to see your novel put into a real, printed book! I was so excited when my first book was self published! Holding a paperback of the story I had built in my imagination was so satisfying.

  10. I’m in England. I have a friend who moved to The States a few years ago. He’s just started using bookpatch and is very happy with the service.

    He sent me two books and they look excellent.

    Anyway, considering my location have you any information regarding overseas shipping? Their low pricing overall may help limit the damage that shipping costs can inflict.
    I’m considering emailing them, but some of the experiences related here aren’t very encouraging.

    • Hi Matthew,
      I’m sorry, I don’t know how TBP handles oversees shipping. Do e-mail them if you haven’t already. I know that some people have had issues getting a reply and I can’t guarantee that they’ll respond, but I can say that the last time I e-mailed them with a question about ISBN numbers, they were very prompt to answer and they worked with me until the issue was resolved. I have personally found their customer service excellent.

    • Hi Samantha, I’m sorry it took so long for me to answer! I was pretty satisfied with the black and white printing. The text looks very nice. The illustrations turned out really well too, although I could see some pixelation. It wasn’t enough to bother me, and Createspace had similar results; it may just be the way black and white printing always works, or it may be a fault with the resolution of my images. In any case, I can say with confidence, I am completely satisfied with the quality and appearance of The Book Patch’s printing.

  11. Thanks for your review! I’m looking into self-publishing and I came across Book Patch. I’m still on the fence, but your review and some of the comments have been helpful.

  12. Thank you! I am considering TBP for my chapbook and really like the appeal of no royalties and being able to retain my own rights. Do you know if you can take orders from Amazon and have them drop-shipped? On the FAQ page it said something of this sort. I really just want to sell on my own site, Amazon, and a small local bookstore, which is why I have been looking for an on-demand publisher that doesn’t take a lot of royalties since I don’t need to have the book listed a million different places. Thanks!

  13. I have two books with TBP: The Minotaur Medallion and Resurrection Day. Resurrection Day is starting to take off, and I’ve had inquiries about international shipping. It was ridiculous. I ended up ordering books to my home and driving them to the post office myself. I am pleased overall with TBP’s prices and quality. I think customer service is poor simply because it is a very tiny operation. I’ve spoken to Victor and his secretary, and I’m pretty sure that’s the whole company. I know he also runs an art gallery in Scottsdale, AZ. I know this because one time when I needed some books in a hurry he directed me to pick them up there.
    I have a question: Can someone tell me how to post a TBP book on Amazon? When I search their instructions for how to sell print-on-demand books, all they talk about is CreateSpace. I don’t want to use CreateSpace, they cost too much. But I don’t want to order books in bulk from Thebookpatch and then fulfill orders from my home, either. Ideas?

    • Hello Bill!
      CreateSpace is a subsidiary company of Amazon. It’s the only print on demand service that Amazon offers as far as I know. I published my novel “A Hero at Heart” on Createspace and I’m very pleased with their quality and service. Yes, they do take a rather large portion of your sale, but so far I haven’t found a better option for Print on Demand, especially when it comes to international sales.

  14. Hi Theresa – Thanks so much for the information on this website. It’s very helpful. I am thinking of publishing a children’s book with The Book Patch and was wondering how their color printing is. Also wondering if anyone has had recent experience with them (in light of the comments as to difficult customer service).

    • Hello Jennifer! Congratulations about your book! I ordered from The Book Patch last March and I thought their customer service was very good. I also think that their color printing is very good. When I printed my three picture books, I was very satisfied.

    • Hello, Dan!
      If you contact and direct bookstores to The Book Patch, they can certainly order from there. But, keep in mind that unless you list your book at a wholesale price, they will be buying them at a retailer’s price which might be too expensive for a bookstore. Also, if you want to sell your books in stores, you might want to consider not displaying the retailer’s price on the ISBN # so that businesses can raise or lower the price as needed.

  15. After publishing my stories Rainbow Butterfly,Tangled Muscadine, and Oglethorpe Estates, I make bulk orders as much as possible to save on shipping. Marketing and advertising my books has been cumbersome. I try to make small financial gains along the way in order to get my books into readers hands. This has not been an easy task. The Book Patch has been very helpful to me and answers my emails within a 6hour period. I recently purchased an ISBN for Oglethorpe Estates which has helped with some sales.

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