My Second Children’s Story is Finished!

always ask fc

Announcement! I finished my second story in The Tilford Green Series, “Always Ask Before You Do.” It was so much fun to work on and I’m so thrilled that it’s done! Keep checking in, book #3 is on it’s way. I hope to find the perfect way to market these books soon. I had originally decided to sell through The Book They are a wonderful company, but their services didn’t exactly conform to my needs. So, the search goes on. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Recently I braved up and submitted my first story to some of the local stores. I am really thanking the Lord for the pleasant reactions I received! I was afraid the business owners in town would be a bit snobbish, but they were actually very supportive. Now I have the privilege of seeing my story on book shelves around town! But, just how do I reach the rest of the world? I’m thinking is one of my favored avenues. I’ll be sure to give an update once I make a decision.


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