“Let Him In” A Christmas Poem by Theresa Stinnett

What room have you got in your old, cluttered inn,

Filled and ringing with laughter and jest?

Have you any small room, where we might stay,

We do not require the best.

The inn keeper looked somber and shook his head,

I haven’t one room to spare.

I’m afraid there isn’t an empty room,

To be found in this town anywhere.

But, since you are desperate, there’s a barn in the back,

It’s at your liberty.

Go there if you wish, and stay the night,

But don’t you bother me!

The Inn keeper had no notion,

Of the miracle that would happen that night.

He didn’t notice the remarkable star,

Which was shining over his stable, so bright.

He didn’t know that the child to be born,

Was the very Prince of Peace,

The mighty God, the Heavenly Father,

As pure as a lamb’s white fleece.

What room do you have, in your own little heart?

What room have you got in your inn?

Will you open the door at the very first knock,

And let the good Lord in?

Or will you too, send him away,

And tell him don’t bother me?

To save you from sin, Jesus came down,

To be beaten and hung on a tree.

Let Jesus in, let Him fill your heart,

Exalt Him and sing His praise.

If you’ll love Him and do His will,

You will shine with his beautiful rays.

Then someday, when we flee from this earth,

He will open His gates with love.

And we will live in His glorious house,

That’s shining with beauty above.


This was a poem I wrote a couple of years ago for Christmas. I love writing Christian poems, sometimes they are the only way I find to express the things that I’m feeling. I hope you all enjoyed this and I hope you have a lovely Christmas!


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