Little One- Pastel Drawing

Photography Prints

I’m rushing to get some new artwork finished before a local art show in February. While thumbing through some of the photographs we took last winter I found this little guy. He was the smallest lamb in his herd of Big Horn Sheep. I’m so glad we snapped this darling picture. When I look at God’s creations I am struck with awe and joy; it’s amazing to think that our powerful Creator has the tenderness of heart to form sweet, tiny things like this lamb. Thank you Jesus! This was one of the funnest drawings I’ve done in a long time, I got to try out some new sanded paper and experience pastel’s full potential. If you’re interested in working with pastels, let me tell you it’s a joy! It’s one of the easiest mediums I’ve tried so far and it has a beautiful ability to blend. Although I’m just starting out in pastels, I will offer a few tips. First of all, don’t go cheep. If you buy cheep pastel paper you might be disappointed (I was). Cheep pastel and charcoal paper usually has a honey comb texture which patterns your drawing and leaves it looking very amateur. Search for “sanded pastel paper”, it works so much better! Second, I place a piece of scratch paper down on the portion of my picture I’m not working on. This keeps my hand out of the chalk and protects my artwork from being smudged as I work. You can purchase prints of my work from Fine Art Just click the picture above to see my gallery. Thanks for stopping by!


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