Felted Animals, Crocheted Handbags, Children’s Book and More on Our Etsy Shop


Lately, our home has been a crafty disaster! There’s fuzzy felt, knitting needles, carving tools and painting supplies all over the place. But, from deep within our crafter’s lair, some beautiful creations have sprung. Of all the people in my family, I think I come last on the crafty scale. And, lately it feels like I’ve been paying more attention to my families projects than my own. This past week I let myself go on a short, sweet vacation from artistic labor (not that painting and writing stories isn’t fun!). That means I’ve been sitting at my piano for hours on end, going for walks in the unexpected, winter sunshine. My family, on the other hand, have been quite busy making felted animal sculptures, crocheting delicate handbags, carving walking sticks and more! I’ve been very proud of their creations and, now that I’ve had my little rest, I think I’ll pick up the paintbrush again and see what I can do. We’ve been putting our latest masterpieces in our Etsy shop. The needle felted Elk Mount pictured above was a project my mom and dad collaborated on, and it’s only one of the wonderful, wooly sculptures my mother has made. My first two stories, “A Baby in the House” and “Always Ask Before You Do” are also on Etsy, and in the near future, “Yours and Mine” will also be available. Feel free to stop by and see where our creativity has led us! Click here, or click on the Etsy button on my blogroll. Thanks for stopping by!


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