Fur Elise Song Birds

Art Prints
Finally I get to make a new blog post! My art bubble had burst there for a while, but I’m back again, paintbrush in hand. The other day my sister renewed my inspiration with a lovely idea. From my love of music and my watercolor skills came this new, hand painted greeting card. The notes on the music score play Fur Elise. The original card is available here on Etsy.com. It is blank inside, awaiting someone’s personal message. Prints of this painting can also be bought from Fine Art America.com.


2 thoughts on “Fur Elise Song Birds

  1. Theresa, I love the Fur Elise Birds art. I am going to share it with my boys in a printed letter I am sending them (we are separated during my divorce)– I think they will like it. Obviously, there is a back story to it, but the coming together of music notes, blue birds of happiness, and the choice of the piece (Fur Elise) has a unique meaning in our family. Thank you for this beautiful creation!

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