The Vacation Has Ended

Finally, the vacation has come to an end! My family and I had an amazing time enjoying the breathtaking scenery of Montana and soaking up the company of our loved ones. Each time I visit Montana, my mind goes wild with thoughts about Indians and the expedition of Lewis and Clark! History is so thrilling to me! I think the most fascinating thing we did on our trip was stop to look at The Great Falls before winding our way into a little town called Fort Benton. I could have spent ALL day in Fort Benton, and if I hadn’t been such a penny pincher I would have visited the museum and gone into The Fort to see what it looked like. But, stingy (or may I flatter myself and say freugal) person that I am, I stayed in the park that boardered the Missouri River and looked at the statues and exibits there. Here are some pictures from my journey. It was a lot of fun, but I must say I’m glad that it’s all over now!

great falls tweet The Great Falls

lewis and clark tweet A Statue of Lewis and Clark in Fort Benton

missouri tweet The Beautiful Missouri River

motel tweet A Historic, Restored Motel in Fort Benton. The dining area and loby inside was just as ornate and beautiful!


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