Turkey Dinner ~ Watercolor Painting for Thanksgiving

turkey guest

Thanksgiving! Ah, how I love this time of year! Pumpkin pies, Turkey, Salads! Yummm! You know, the funny thing is (may I tell on my own stupidity?) I forget to even think about what Thanksgiving means! The word has become so common that I rarely break it down and contemplate it. Thanksgiving. Who are we thanking? What are we thankful for? I’ll take a few minutes to express how thankful I am for the things I have. I thank my Lord Jesus Christ that he gave me life, that he died to save my soul, and that he has offered me eternal life. I thank him for a family of wonderful people, and for a sheltering, comfortable home. I thank him for the ability to have clothes and food, not to mention all of the luxurious other things I enjoy. I thank him that he has foreseen my future, and that he has everything under control. This is a small watercolor painting I created a few days ago. I had a lot of fun with it! Hopefully soon I’ll put it on Fine Art America and it will be available as prints. I hope you have many things to thank God for this Thanksgiving


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