A Story About True Heroism ~ Coming Soon for children ages 8 and up

a hero at heart for blog

The cold wind tossed Emiline’s hair as she stood ankle deep in the crisp snow. Her heart beat faster with fear as she looked all around. She couldn’t see a thing, only a white wall of falling snow. Where was her home? Where was the path? Which way was she supposed to go? She was lost, lost in the bitter cold of winter.

“Is anyone there?” she shouted. “Please, someone help me!” No answer came. She waited for a few moments more, but the dead silence made her heart throb with terror. If she stayed here, she was sure to freeze to death.

Feeling desperate, Emiline turned around and started to run. Surely home would be straight behind her. She hadn’t walked far. But, as she ran, the snow became deeper and deeper. Suddenly she sank up to her knees in icy wetness. Where was she? She certainly wasn’t in her own flat field. There were no deep ditches like this near her home.

“Help me!” she screamed once more. “Please, I’m lost!” Her voice quavered as tears streamed down her pale cheeks. There was no answer to her cries for help. She was doomed; doomed to die in the ice and wind with no one near to comfort her.

As Emiline sank to her knees in despair, she remembered her father’s instruction. He had warned her never to walk in a blizzard. Why hadn’t she listened to him? She felt so ashamed and terrified. But there was nothing she could do about it now. Just as she began to accept her fate she heard a noise in the distance. It was the sound of distant bells. Sleigh bells! With new hope she looked up.

“Over here!” she shouted wildly. “Help me! I’m over here!” Through the white, snowy veil she could see the flashing lights of the sleigh’s lanterns, swinging back and forth as the horses pulled their load closer and closer to her.

“Emiline!” a voice called. Then louder the voice called again “Emiline Elmwood, are you listening to me?”

In a common schoolhouse, at a common wooden desk, a little girl started in her seat. The wintery wind stopped all at once as her daydreams floated away. Emiline bit her lip nervously. She couldn’t remember a word her teacher had been saying. But, she hated to admit that she hadn’t been listening.

“Yes ma’am,” she answered hesitantly.

“Then why are you not writing?” The lady asked. Miss Weed, the school teacher, eyed Emma sternly. It didn’t really surprise the woman that her student had drifted away from their dictation lesson. Emiline was known for her wild imagination.

 “A Hero at Heart” is the story of Emiline Elmwood, an imaginative girl who dreams of becoming a hero and doing great things.  But does she have what it takes to be a real hero? Will she be strong enough to face her greatest fears and selflessly help those around her? As she discovers her own faults and weaknesses, she turns to Jesus, and asks him to be her strength. Ultimately she learns that Jesus Christ is the greatest hero of all.

I couldn’t wait to share a glimpse of  my novels first chapter with you all! I’ve been working on this story for about a year now, and it’s almost finished! It has been both a challenge and a pure joy to create. This is the first, full length novel I’ve written so far. It’s also the first story I have written for an audience of preteens. I’m getting more and more excited as I see the finish line ahead of me! I hope to share more about this story in the future. Thanks for stopping by!


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