Enjoying Spring – Sketching – Drawing


Just a a simple sketch to appreciate the beautiful Spring weather we’re having! I can’t believe how fast time is flying! We’re heading into May and I still feel like my mind is stuck in March. Well, here is what I’m looking forward to this Spring and Summer: I’ve completed a novel for preteens +, and I have a lineup of children’s stories that are begging for illustrations. That should keep me busy for a while. My latest novel is centered around an imaginative girl who dreams of becoming a hero. I’m so excited that it’s complete! Now comes the scary part, presenting it to an agent and aiming toward publication.


2 thoughts on “Enjoying Spring – Sketching – Drawing

  1. Hello Theresa! I came across your blog while researching The Patch Book.com. I have some books on Amazon Kindle (two novellas and two short stories – fairy tale genre), and have been wanting to publish my novellas as paperbacks. Amazon’s createspace has been very daunting to me, so I decided to look to other publishing venues. I see that you are relatively happy with The Patch Book, and that intrigues me. Thank you for your post about it.

    Your artwork is delightful, and your stories sound wonderful. God bless you on their success. I, too, am an artist and writer, and I’m looking forward to eventually publishing some of my children’s stories, also. But that’s in God’s hands, as my ‘regular’ job totally exhausts me, and I can’t seem to find the time to illustrate them.

    Blessings for your creative and financial success,

    • Hello Marianne! Thank you for your lovely comment! So far I have been very happy with The Book Patch and it has been so delightful to see my stories in print! I hope you have as much fun with selfpublishing as I have!

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