The Book Patch Review ~ My Novel in Print

Quite a while back, I reviewed a company called The Book Patch (TBP). I am a self published author and illustrator. For a few years now, I’ve been enjoying the adventure of building stories and sharing them with the world! I have written three children’s picture books and just recently, I completed and illustrated a middle grade novel called “A Hero at Heart”. I can’t tell you how excited I am! In the near future, I’ll be putting this book on and I’ll be documenting my experience using Createspace’s print on demand services. But today, I wanted to make one more review about The Book Patch.

Lately, I’ve been hearing some disturbing news about TBP. People have been noting that the company haven’t been answering their e-mails or phone calls. This kind of unnerved me. I hadn’t worked with TBP for probably a year or more, and I had to wonder whether the company had changed their quality. I can’t speak for their present customer service. When I dealt with them years ago, I had a wonderful time e-mailing them and getting all of my questions answered. I haven’t had a reason to e-mail or call recently. But, I set out to discover whether their printing quality was still good. This morning, I can say with pleasure that it is. I just received my first copy of “A Hero at Heart”, and I found it pretty satisfactory. The printing is excellent, the cover is beautiful and the paper feels quality to me. To be perfectly honest, I’ll mention the one flaw that I found. The book had a fine line where the corner got slightly bent (probably during packaging). It’s hardly noticeable and I’m not that worried about it. In the paragraph below, you’ll see that working with TBP isn’t always smooth sailing, but in my opinion, the product and quality is worth it.

For those who haven’t read my previous reviews and are interested in using TBP’s services. I’ll give you a few tips and thoughts. Tip #1. have patience with the website. When you go to upload your PDF and Front Cover image, you may find that the website glitches for several seconds and then pops up a window that says that a “script” has stopped working. Each time this happens, I find the only way to move forward is to click “stop script” and then the website will carry on. Tip #2. Make sure your PDF is the right size. The Book Patch will warn you if you’ve chosen a book size that doesn’t match your PDF. Do make sure you get this part right, or your book will not turn out. Tip #3. Don’t expect your order to come quickly. Printing takes quite a while. If you’re pressed for time and need your books printed for a specific occasion, make sure you order (I’m guessing here) about three weeks ahead of time. My book took two weeks and three days to print and ship to my house. Tip #4: Don’t expect a confirmation e-mail when you place your order or when your book ships. I don’t know if this is a set in stone fact, but I didn’t get either. It kind of scared me at first, but it didn’t mean a thing. My book still got here!

So, to sum up, I am still very pleased with TBP and would definitely order from them again.



2 thoughts on “The Book Patch Review ~ My Novel in Print

    • I’m afraid I haven’t ordered anything for quite a while. The last time I contacted TBP was when I was trying to branch out and sell on Creatspace as well. I e-mailed them concerning an ISBN problem and they were very helpful and prompt to answer my questions. It’s too bad that they haven’t been answering e-mails lately. I’ve heard other people complain about that.

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