Making a Book Trailer~ Self Publishing a Christian Novel!


My first novel “A Hero at Heart” has been published here on and now it’s time to share! I’ve been having a blast with digital art to create a book trailer for my story. Digital art has been such a fun adventure and I’m going to really enjoy putting this together. I’ll be posting updates and letting you know when the trailer is out on Youtube!

A Hero at Heart is a story about compassion, forgiveness and the true meaning of heroism. It centers around an imaginative girl in the 1800s who dreams of becoming a hero. But, she soon realizes that being a hero often throws you out of your comfort zone and requires you to be selfless. Facing her own faults, and an enemy who she’s learned to hate, she turns to Jesus for help and learns that He is the greatest hero of all.

I hope to move right along with this book trailer and get it out soon! In the meantime, check out my first video on Youtube and tell me what you think! You can also read the first few chapters on! Have a great day and I’ll see you next time!



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