My Second Book on Amazon ~ A Christian Novel for Ages 9+


My second novel is published!! I’m so excited! “The Richest Heart” is the second book in my “Hero at Heart” series. Written for children ages 9 + it is full of imagination, adventure and mystery. It’s available in both paperback and kindle formats on Come check it out, here, and take a look at the first chapters! You can also follow me on Goodreads where all of my novels as well as my favorite books can be found! Now, for the synopsis of my latest book!

Emiline Elmwood dreams of being a fair lady. She longs for drama, fashion, cities and fancy tea parties. But as a twelve year old farm girl in the late 1800’s, those things seem to be out of her reach. Meanwhile, a mystery begins to grow as she and her best friend find the ruins of a burnt house hidden in the forest. Unraveling the story of a family quarrel and a fatal tragedy, she searches for clues and answers. Who had lived there? What had happened? Had anyone survived? Her dramatic quest and imaginative dreams carry her away. Could the town gossiper, Mrs. Bufford, be her only hope of finding answers? And when all of her dreams seem to come true, will she really be satisfied? Or will she discover that contentment comes from a simple life, and that the richest heart is the one that is full of Christ’s love?

I had quite a time getting this novel formatted. Oh, the suspence and drama of being self published!! But at last it’s finished and I am so, so happy! For all of my fellow, self publishing authors, I’ll be posting a review for Createspace as well as a tale of tragedy, suspense and final triumph soon! Until then, have a great week!


4 thoughts on “My Second Book on Amazon ~ A Christian Novel for Ages 9+

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    • Thank you so much Dayne! Your encouragement means so much to me! I really am excited about getting this story published! This one is the sequel to my first novel “A Hero at Heart”. It works fine as a stand alone novel, but the first book shows how the characters became who they are in the second. It’s so cool to be able to write a series! I have a third novel waiting to be edited and a fourth one all plotted out! So exciting!!

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