Whimsical Pet Portrait ~ Mixed Media Painting

Here’s the latest painting that I’ve finished! I had so much fun with this one! I was commissioned to create a whimsical pet portrait with a poodle, a dingo and a little, black cat having tea with Alice in Wonderland. Dreaming up the items on the table was a blast! I decided to use a mixture of acrylics and watercolors for this painting and I learned a lot from the experience. I think it would be so much fun to do more custom pet portraits like this one! I love the idea of setting pets in whimsical, story book scenes!


Wash Day

Photography Prints

This painting was definitely a first for me, but I thoroughly enjoyed it!I got to learn some tips from my Dad, who is an excellent artist, and I got to paint two of my favorite things, Lazuli Buntings and Antiques. I have always loved Lazuli Buntings,their beauty gives honor to a flawless artist. I can’t help but marvel over how amazing God is when I see these bright birds. To think that he has taken so much care to make each tiny bird a masterpeice. I used a mixture of acrylics and watercolors on watercolor paper for this painting. Prints of my painting are available for sale at Fine Art America.com. You can also veiw my other paintings there, as well as my Dad’s amazing art work. Check back here soon and keep up to date with my latest paintings and projects!

“Wash Day” Original Painting in Progress #1: Sketch

Wash Day Sketch

A new painting is underway! This is the gray scale sketch of “Wash Day” with a boarder of masking fluid around the main subject for protection. I’m eager to see this painting finished, its one of the first times I have opened the doors of my imaginations and let an idea flow onto my paper. I was racking my brain trying to think of something to paint for an upcoming art show. I had previously put all of my art into a gallery. So, I combined my love of antiques and Lazuli Buntings to create this pleasant scene. Keep checking back, I’ll be updating my painting soon!