A Hero at Heart ~Christian Historic Fiction, (2nd Edition) Release

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I’m excited to announce that the 2nd edition of “A Hero at Heart” is now available both as a Paperback and also for Kindle! This second edition features a brand new cover and the original story of an imaginative girl who learns the true meaning of heroism. The paperback version of his book can be bought on Createspace.com, or you can find it as well as the Kindle version on Amazon.



My Second Book on Amazon ~ A Christian Novel for Ages 9+


My second novel is published!! I’m so excited! “The Richest Heart” is the second book in my “Hero at Heart” series. Written for children ages 9 + it is full of imagination, adventure and mystery. It’s available in both paperback and kindle formats on Amazon.com. Come check it out, here, and take a look at the first chapters! You can also follow me on Goodreads where all of my novels as well as my favorite books can be found! Now, for the synopsis of my latest book!

Emiline Elmwood dreams of being a fair lady. She longs for drama, fashion, cities and fancy tea parties. But as a twelve year old farm girl in the late 1800’s, those things seem to be out of her reach. Meanwhile, a mystery begins to grow as she and her best friend find the ruins of a burnt house hidden in the forest. Unraveling the story of a family quarrel and a fatal tragedy, she searches for clues and answers. Who had lived there? What had happened? Had anyone survived? Her dramatic quest and imaginative dreams carry her away. Could the town gossiper, Mrs. Bufford, be her only hope of finding answers? And when all of her dreams seem to come true, will she really be satisfied? Or will she discover that contentment comes from a simple life, and that the richest heart is the one that is full of Christ’s love?

I had quite a time getting this novel formatted. Oh, the suspence and drama of being self published!! But at last it’s finished and I am so, so happy! For all of my fellow, self publishing authors, I’ll be posting a review for Createspace as well as a tale of tragedy, suspense and final triumph soon! Until then, have a great week!

A Hero at Heart ~ Christian Book Trailer

“A Hero at Heart” is an exciting, historical novel set in the 1800’s. Full of mystery, fun and drama, it follows Emiline Elmwood, an imaginative, twelve year old girl who dreams of being a hero and saving people’s lives. But, when she’s faced with needy neighbors and a bully whom she’s learned to hate, her courage is put to the test. Does she have what it takes to step out of her comfort zone and reach out to the poor? Worst of all, can she find it within herself to swallow her pride and help her enemy? Facing her worst fears and her own faults, she turns to God for help. Ultimately, she learns that Jesus is the greatest hero of all.

Important life lessons weave their way through this unforgettable tale, teaching faith, compassion and the true meaning of heroism.

Buy the Book Here: https://www.amazon.com/Hero-at-Heart-…

Self Published Christian Novel on Amazon.com

A Hero at Heart Blog Announcements

I’m so excited to announce that I finally got my first novel on Amazon.com! It was a huge challenge and learning experience, but it’s so rewarding to see the finished product! I’m looking forward to making a review of my experience self publishing through Createspace, and perhaps a tutorial with my experience formatting my book interior and book cover for publication. It was definitely trickier than I thought it would be! I’m also expecting to release a Kindle version of my book later this spring or summer. Until then, head on over to Amazon.com to read the synopsis of “A Hero at Heart”.

Children’s Story Book ~ Yours and Mine ~ A Lesson on Sharing

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This year, I gathered up my three children’s books, a portfolio and lots of courage and set up a booth at the Christmas Bazaar. It was my first time, and I didn’t know what to expect, but I really enjoyed myself. I’m always excited to present my latest works of art and writing to my community. Now I’m ready to share my latest story “Yours and Mine” with the world. I’ve talked about this book before. I have made an e-book version of it in both e-pub and mobi format, and now at last, I have it for sale as a paper back book to read to your child. “Yours and Mine” is the third story in The Tilford Green Series. It teaches children that sharing makes everyone happy. Visit my Book Shop to veiw all of my stories and more.

A New Children’s Book is Available on Etsy! “Always Ask Before You Do” by Theresa Stinnett

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My second story is officially available here on Etsy.com. “Always Ask Before You Do” is a colorfully illustrated story about a little piglet named Tilford and his little sister, Rosie. Tilford Green is a good hearted piglet who loves to help people. But, when he tries to reach something too high for him, disaster follows. Teach your children the importance of asking for help and not being impulsive with this brand new story.

Children’s Stories For Sale on Etsy

At long last, “A Baby in the House” is officially available for purchase! My family and I have teamed up and begun our own Etsy shop, Cottage Made Gifts. “A Baby in the House” is unique, illustrated children’s story, centered around a little piglet named Tilford Green, and his new baby-sister-to-be, Rosie. Tilford is excited about his new sibling, and he day dreams about all of the nice things he’s going to do for her. It’s a fun story to get your little one’s excited about their new sister or brother. You can visit our shop by clicking here. There you can see my story and my talented family’s handcrafted creations. All of our gifts are unique and have been made with love and care. Enjoy!

My Second Children’s Story is Finished!

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Announcement! I finished my second story in The Tilford Green Series, “Always Ask Before You Do.” It was so much fun to work on and I’m so thrilled that it’s done! Keep checking in, book #3 is on it’s way. I hope to find the perfect way to market these books soon. I had originally decided to sell through The Book Patch.com. They are a wonderful company, but their services didn’t exactly conform to my needs. So, the search goes on. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Recently I braved up and submitted my first story to some of the local stores. I am really thanking the Lord for the pleasant reactions I received! I was afraid the business owners in town would be a bit snobbish, but they were actually very supportive. Now I have the privilege of seeing my story on book shelves around town! But, just how do I reach the rest of the world? I’m thinking Etsy.com is one of my favored avenues. I’ll be sure to give an update once I make a decision.