The Story of My Life

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Hello, and welcome to my blog!

My name is Theresa Stinnett. Here you’ll find all of my inspirations and aspirations, my dreams and my passions. I am an artist, musician and author of short stories, but today, I want to tell you the story of my life.

I grew up in a very talented family. My dad and sister are excellent artists, and my mother can whip out any handmade craft in just a short amount of time. I was always proud of my family’s abilities, but I never showed artistic tendencies myself. I was sure that my attempts at art could never compare or match up to the beautiful, realistic paintings my dad and sister created. So I rarely ever tried. Instead I started exploring other ways to express myself. That’s when my passions for music and writing began.

Every free moment I was either playing the piano, or typing away at some adventurous tale. I spent the best part of my childhood totally engrossed in the stories I was creating. My favorite genre was Fantasy. I enjoyed the inexhaustible possibilities it gave me. Nothing had to make sense, nothing had to be real, it could be anything I imagined. My dream was to become a best selling Fantasy author.  But, God had a different plan for my life.

Before I go on, let me tell you about the most important person in my life. His name is Jesus. I always loved Jesus as a child. I gave my heart to Him when I was three or four. But, because of childish ignorance and some selfishness, I never stopped to wonder whether God had a plan for me. I was sure that my duty in life was to make something of myself, and to fulfill all of my dreams. But, my dreams did not match up with God’s perfect plan. When I was fourteen, God made it very clear that Fantasy was not something he endorsed. Through the scriptures He showed me, that He hates witchcraft, and that all sorcerers will go to hell unless they change. I was convicted, because I began to realize how far my Fantasy books had led me toward the occult. These books I had been writing were not only worthless, they were devilish, because I had unwittingly used demonic characters as my heroes and heroines. Fairies, elves and dwarves are all demonic figures. If you wonder why I say that, I advise you to study each of these creatures. Wikipedia gives a fair rundown on their history. In the past they were not seen as nice “fairytale creatures”, they were believed to be tormenting spirits (usually) of the dead and people feared them. When I studied and learned these things, God pricked my conscience and I backed away from this genre of entertainment.

Now, my goals are different. I don’t want to write meaningless things, and I honestly don’t care if I ever become famous and rich. I only want to use the writing skills I have to please God and help others. If I can’t do something meaningful with my love of writing, I would rather put it away and find what meaningful things that I can do.

Recently, I have found a new inspiration. It’s called childhood. Children are the most precious things here on earth. I really believe they are the closest things to perfection this world has known. That’s why Jesus loved them so much. They are innocent and pure. So this brings us to my latest aspirations;I’m writing a series of Christian novels called “A Hero at Heart”. I even braved up and painted a few illustrations myself. No, I’m not as talented as my dad or my sister, but I decided to give art a try. So far, I have my first novel self-published on You can check it out here! And keep watching, because my second novel in the series, “The Richest Heart”, is on its way. I’ve also completed a third novel and who knows where or when the series will end. I’m also having fun with Children’s Picture Books. In the past, I self-published three in a series called “The Tilford Green Series”. They were so much fun to write and illustrate and they focus on teaching little ones important lessons about good manners and being kind. I can’t wait to get them on Amazon.

My other aspiration is toward art. Once I started playing with drawing and painting I found out that I really love it! Now, I don’t care if I match up to my family’s extraordinary talents. I have fun at what I do, and that’s all that matters to me.
If you like my art, you can buy high qualities prints of them by going to my Fine Art America page. Then click on galleries and choose the Theresa Stinnett gallery. I would also love to be an illustrator for other aspiring authors. Bringing a children’s book to life with art is so much fun! If you are an author looking for an illustrator, or if you just want to check out my art, hop on over to my illustration blog by clicking here. I’d be delighted to chat with you about a project!

Thank you for stopping by! I hope you’ll join me on my adventure as an aspiring author and artist. Feel free to follow my blogs, check me out on Goodreads and take a look at my Youtube channel! Have a great day!




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